AFSL & ACL Licensing and Responsible Entity Services

Responsible Entity Services

AP Financial Services Group (APFSG) holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) and acts as a responsible entity for managed investment schemes in Australia. The responsible entity services of APFSG can help with all your compliance and governance needs as you launch and manage your managed investment scheme. Our license allows us to provide trustee and compliance services to clients seeking an appropriate structure to raise funds from wholesale investors. We ease the compliance process of your capital raising activities, as well as making them cost effective by providing a complete service and taking care of everything required for you.

APFSG can provide a full range of responsible entity services to your managed investment scheme, including:

  • Scheme registration with ASIC
  • Drawing up offer documents
  • Putting together and monitoring scheme compliance plans
  • Supervision of investment decisions
  • Adherence to legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Custody services
  • Engagement and monitoring of external service providers
  • Back-office services including;
    • Scheme administration
    • Accounting
    • Unit registry
    • Portfolio valuation
    • Unit holder reporting
What is a Responsible Entity (RE)?

A Responsible Entity is a public company holding an Australian Financial Services License which authorises it to operate a managed investment scheme. The Responsible Entity has various statutory duties directed to protecting investors. An Responsible Entity is required for all registered managed investment schemes in Australia.


Corporate Authorised Representative Solutions

Individuals or business entities who wish to run a financial business or provide financial services, are require to have an AFSL or at least be appointed a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) under an AFSL holder. This ensures that you operate within the guidelines of the Corporations Act 2001 and ASIC regulations. Failure to own an AFSL or be a Corporate Authorised Representative can lead to large fines or being banned from the financial services industry.

Our Corporate Authorised Representative solutions assist you in maintaining your compliance obligations as required by ASIC to operate under our license. We have have developed an extensive set of policies, guidelines and procedures to help companies that are authorised by us to ensure that they are working in compliance with current legislation and regulation.

What is Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR)?

A Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) applies where you have a company with your own branding. Your company would become a Corporate Authorised Representative, and the main active individuals within your company, would also be authorised as ARs.

What is the difference between a licensee and an Authorised Representative?

When an Employee Representative provides a financial service, the ‘providing entity’ under the Act is the Licensee. When an Authorised Representative provides the service, the ‘providing entity’ is the Authorised Representative.


ACL License

AP Financial Services Group (APFSG) holds an Australian Credit Licence (ACL). Individuals or business entities who wish to provide certain credit services, are require to have an ACL.

What is an Australian credit License?

An Australian credit license (ACL) authorises you and your representatives to engage in the credit activities that are specified on the license.

Who needs a credit license in Australia?

You must be covered by an Australian credit license to engage in credit activities. If you engage in credit activities you will generally need to have an Australian credit license (unless you are exempt or authorised to engage in those activities as a representative of a credit licensee).