Financial Planning Advice

Helping you achieve your financial goals

Our financial planning specialists are equipped with strong professional capabilities and wide industry experience in accounting and taxation, wealth management, and investment. We’ll help you make the most of what you have while creating a comfortable future retirement for yourself and your family. It’s all dependent on your financial goals over the medium to long term and also involves various considerations including tax planning, investments, and financial security.

In addition, financial planning focuses on providing you with the information and advice you need to move in accordance with your financial objectives and lifestyle. It puts you in control of your financial future.
AP assists its clients in the following five-step procedure.

Financial Planning Process

  1. Define & agree client engagement
    • Define scope of engagement with client(s), including terms and responsibilities for review.
  2. Collecting the client’s information
    • Complete fact find and collect quantitative information and supporting documents;
    • Collect qualitative information about the client;
    • Identify client’s objectives, needs, and priorities.
  3. Analyse and assess the client’s financial position
    • Analyse the client’s information and assess their objectives, needs and priorities.
  4. Identify appropriate financial planning strategies and develop the financial planning recommendations in a statement of advice (SoA)
    • Identify and evaluate suitable financial planning strategies in client’s best interests;
    • Develop financial planning recommendations;
    • Identify products and services for implementation;
    • Present recommendations in SoA to the client;
    • As necessary review advice and present new SoA or Record of Advice (RoA).
  5. Implement recommendations
  6. Regularly review & re-evaluate the client’s situation