Financial Services and Wealth Management

Fund Management and Fund Administrator 

We are an Australian-based fund manager and Issuer with a board and senior executives with specialist experience in Financial Investment. With our team of experts, we can offer professional assistance and consultation with fund issuing and compliance. Our team assists in all facets of trust administration, corporate services, fund administration, and statutory accounting and reporting services. We combine practical experience in governance and corporate secretarial administration with up-to-date knowledge of the latest regulations. Our services extend to establishing and administering companies, trusts, partnerships, foundations, and special purpose vehicles locally and globally.

We currently have an offer for wholesale clients, offering financial investments in the following managed investment schemes:

  • AP Property Fund (ARSN 602 593 831)
  • AP Master Fund (ARSN 602 593 439)
  • AP Property Fund No.1
  • AP Fixed Income Fund
  • AP Mortage Fund
  • AP Equity Fund


Investment Management and Financial Advisory

Investments naturally have risk attached to them, which understandably is the cornerstone of why having a more excellent choice and access to a broad range of quality asset classes can significantly impact your investment outcomes.

With us, you will work closely with our advisors. You will choose from a range of direct and discretionary asset and investment management alternatives, including cash, fixed income, real estate property, and domestic and international equities, to meet your specific needs.  You can rest assured we will work with you to ensure your funds are invested in the appropriate asset classes and provide the appropriate risk diversification to ensure your wealth grows but is also preserved based on investment decisions.


AFSL & ACL Licensing

Responsible Entity Services

We hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 280595) and are a responsible entity for managed investment schemes in Australia. The responsible entity services can help with all your compliance and governance needs as you launch and manage your managed investment scheme. Our license allows us to provide trustee and compliance services to clients seeking an appropriate structure to raise funds from wholesale investors. We ease the compliance process of your capital-raising activities and make them cost-effective by providing a complete service and taking care of everything required.

We can provide a full range of responsible entity services to your managed investment scheme, including:

  • Scheme registration with ASIC
  • Drawing up offer documents
  • Putting together and monitoring scheme compliance plans
  • Supervision of investment decisions
  • Adherence to legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Custody services
  • Engagement and monitoring of external service providers
  • Back-office services include;
    • Scheme administration
    • Accounting
    • Unit registry
    • Portfolio valuation
    • Unit holder reporting


Asset Management

Our trusted teams of professionals have access to specialist legal and investment expertise across a range of investment products, including fixed income, equities, real estate, private credit, infrastructure, and others.

We provide independent asset monitoring and benchmarking services so you can review each asset’s performance objectively. We closely monitor your investment, identify potential risks, and proactively recommend and implement remedial action if necessary. Our advice is based on our clients adopting a level of discipline involving reducing embedded risk whilst maximising investment returns. The ability of our team to monitor and ensure your investments can be moved between different sectors with differing risk/return characteristics during economic phases plays a valuable role in protecting capital and ensuring acceptable investment returns from each asset class.


Family Wealth Management

For generational wealth to be maintained, the entire family must be educated on managing wealth best now and in the future. Our team has ample experience in providing the framework and systems to provide proper coaching to family offices so assurances can be made that plans can be implemented and informed decisions made for family investments and finances.