Investment Market Strategies

Strategies designed to excite sophisticated investors

AP Financial Services Group has access to legal, management, and technical expertise consolidated to meet the needs of investors, particularly those seeking to explore the options available to them that also comply with the requirements of the Australian government’s sophisticated investor program (SIV), including changes after the 30 June 2015.

As an entity licensed by the Australian Investments & Securities Commission, the AP Financial Services Group Limited is authorized and capable of offering managed investment schemes that allow investors the benefits of a fully managed and compliant property investment.

Investors will share the risks and rewards usually associated with property including property developments, that have been specifically selected to focus on developer’s profit, capital growth, and income improvements arising out of professional management. Each property chosen will be to a large extent a function of the market and economic conditions, with specific assets selected by an appropriately resourced Property Selection, Development & Management Committee. Such focus is a major objective of the AP Family Office.

Other sophisticated investors who are looking for a partner to assist in the selection, purchase, development and management of property will find AP Financial Services Group willing to diligently work towards meeting their goals and objectives.