Philanthropic projects are an excellent way of introducing the next generation to the responsibilities and challenges of wealth. Effective giving behaves similar to any business project, where careful consideration and follow-through are essential fundamentals in ensuring the value, protection, and enhancement of the family’s long-term legacy as well as their position and impact within the community.

At AP Family Office, we provide tailored solutions to ensure the processes and structures are in place to maximise your chosen social and economic impact and in essence, advance the value of your philanthropic efforts.

Our services can extend to scoping and administering such projects, ensuring proper governance, whilst allowing members to contribute and be actively involved in the process. These projects can focus on a specific theme, reflect on their experiences, or align to particular topics which resonate with them and the values of the family. Alternatively, you may want to support diverse causes which you have a particular interest in assisting.

Our team will regularly monitor and report on your philanthropic projects so the family and other stakeholders have current and transparent data and information on the progress of the projects and the value provided as a measure against set goals.