Succession and Estate Planning

To plan for succession, owners and inheritors need a clear tailored, and articulated succession plan of what is trying to be achieved as well as the strategies on how best to implement and execute the goals and wishes of the family office. That may include making informed decisions about who will lead your family business into the future, or how your family wealth will be distributed to and protected by the next generation.

The appropriate transfer of wealth to the next generation is normally the primary objective of several family offices. At AP Family Office, our aim is to understand your family’s personal and business circumstances, as well as your objectives and wishes. We work with appointed professionals to administer robust legal structures such as trusts, private investment funds, and SPVs to ensure the protection of the family wealth and continued succession to future generations. Our framework allows us to address your individual situation, provide the solutions to overcome any challenges, and ensure this is accomplished with the highest legal requirements and standards of governance.