Superannuation Advice

Making your superannuation work for you

Superannuation plays an increasingly important role in investment and saving during your work life so that you can live off the earnings in retirement. When it comes to tax, superannuation is an investor’s paradise, being only 15% compared to the much higher individual marginal tax rate. However, you normally are unable to access these benefits unless you reach your preservation age or you suffer from severe financial hardship or qualify on compassionate grounds.

You can access your super when you turn 65 (even if you haven’t retired), or when you reach preservation age and retire, or under the transition to retirement rules while continuing to work. Our superannuation specialists will help you make decisions in your best interests while at the same time remain compliant with the regulations in place.

In recent years, the self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) has become a more popular wealth accumulation vehicle through which you can take control of your investments. From 2010 to 2014, the SMSF achieved a 12.5% annual return in comparison to 9.65% for industry funds. Our team can offer assistance in SMSF establishment as well as relevant fund administration. It is also an effective vehicle for the estate planning process which is included in our bundle of services.