AP Finance Fund

Guaranteed Interest & Capital

Through highly effective investment strategies, this fund offers investors valuable opportunities to invest in Australia’s vehicle lease products and other equipment leasing projects, for the purpose of achieving stable and regular cash flow benefits. It focuses on high liquidity, expert management, effective risk diversification, reduction in transaction cost, and compliance with regulations and rules.

AP Finance Fund provides investors with the benefits of a fully managed investment, and exposure to finance leasing with a particular focus in Australia. The AP Finance Fund will lend money to different fully licensed financial leasing companies and they will insure all loans to the local borrowers against principal and interest default with a top tier insurance firm in Australia. The loans will have an initial interest rate of approximately 12% per annum, which after operating expenses and fees are projected to generate a return of approximately 7-8% per annum for investors assuming borrowers comply with their repayment obligations.

Members of the Board and management of the Trustee have experience in investment and believe there is an opportunity at this point in the investment cycle to access finance leasing opportunities with a focus on Australia.

Why Choose AP Finance Fund

  • Guaranteed Interest & Capital
  • Ownership & Mortgage
  • Promising prospect of vehicle and equipment leasing industry in Australia