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Our Team

Management Team

Our highly distinguished and experienced management team oversee company operations and compliance across all areas of the business group, including: private wealth management, accounting and taxation, and property management.

Ben Au

2024-06-25T15:47:44+10:00Founder & Chief Executive Officer|

In-depth experience and extensive professional network in finance, real estate, investment across Australia and China. Led large local and cross-border investment deals spanning across multiple asset classes, regions, sectors and industries.

David Lui

2023-10-23T19:33:03+11:00Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (AP Family Office HK)|

Over 30 years experience in Private Equity Investment, Corporate Finance Advisory, IPO Financial Advisory, Loan and Business Restructuring, Merger and Acquisition and Introuction of Strategic Investors in Greater China region.

Serena Yan

2023-03-07T21:38:04+11:00Chief Operating Officer|

Serena has held C-level leadership roles in various global start-up projects and world’s top tier technology companies across the APAC region. Strong passion in driving digital transformation for traditional industries with trackable records in Media, Health and Property.

  • David Guo - CFO

David Guo

2022-05-20T17:06:35+10:00Chief Financial Officer|

David is specialised in Australian financial services industry as well as compliance of managed investment scheme and is highly qualified in taxation, financial planning and fund accounting.

Heino Eric Ling

2022-06-02T10:25:23+10:00Chief Compliance Officer|

With over 42 years of financial services industry experience, Heino possesses a depth of experience and knowledge across a broad spectrum of related competencies and has extensive academic achievements.

Edwin Lim

2023-08-11T23:18:43+10:00Managing Director, Head of Financial Investments|

With a professional career spanning 20 years in the financial services industry, Edwin has gained extensive investment banking, brokerage and trading experience.

Victor Chan

2023-03-01T15:57:18+11:00Head of Business Operations|

With nearly 20 years of experience across multiple business functions including sales, marketing, business development and general management, Victor has built a strong and talented administration and operations team at AP Family Office with his exceptional managerial, communication, and leadership skills.

Advisory Board

AP Family Office Advisory Board comprises seasoned executives from a wide range of disciplines including management consulting, executive leadership, real estate, finance, technology, and international business. Our board members work closely with AP Family Office executive leadership team, providing guidance and insights on issues of strategic importance and helping us achieve our growth objectives and commitment to our clients.

Eddie Gittany

2024-03-06T20:52:11+11:00Advisory Board Member|

With more than 30 years experience in real estate industry, Eddie has held executive management roles such as the Managing Director and Consultant of many well-known real estate companies.