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AP Family Office

Your Wealth Management Experience with Our Multi-Family Office

At AP Family Office, we pride ourselves on being more than just wealth managers; we are your strategic partners in preserving, growing, and passing on your legacy.


Welcome to the AP Family Office

The AP Family Office was established in 2010 by Ben AU and merged with the AU Family Office in late 2012. Ben is the director of AU Family Office and the founder of AP Accountancy Chartered Accountant Firm in 2005 and AP Financial Services Group in 2000.

AP Family Office is a diversified investment group based in Sydney with over ten years of experience investing in, creating and managing assets. It has been established on the principles of prudence, foresight, and a profound commitment to preserving and growing familial wealth. The visionaries behind our family office recognized the need for a dedicated entity that could navigate the complexities of wealth management while upholding the unique values that define each family member.

AP Family Office is also a Multi‐Family office (MFO) headquartered in Sydney with regional offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. We typically provide various services, including tax and estate planning, risk management, objective financial counsel, custody services, trusteeship, coordination of professionals, investment advice, and foundation management. We are also an investment fund manager in the real estate, agriculture, equity market, and credit lending sectors.

Since 2012, the AP Family Office has been working with some of the most affluent families in the Asia Pacific region. Our team of financial experts offer advice on family office matters according to the family’s net worth and circumstances; our approach comes from decades of working with families in many capacities. We ensure the family’s best interests are considered by encouraging family involvement in the planning, management and decision-making.

At AP Family Office, we consider ourselves an extension of your family, dedicated to providing unparalleled service and expertise. Your financial journey is our top priority, and we are here to ensure a legacy that lasts for generations.

Once again, welcome to AP Family Office. We look forward to building a lasting and successful partnership with your family.