AP North Shore Property Development Fund

Managed fund investing in North Shore property developments

The AP North Shore Property Development Fund is a wholesale managed fund capable of issuing multiple classes of units, is currently offering under its Information Memorandum by May 2015.  AP North Shore Property Development Fund mainly invests in property investments in NSW.

AP Financial Services Group Limited (ABN 53 098 286 241) is the Responsible Entity and Trustee for the AP North Shore Property Development Fund and is the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) No. 280595 and Australian Credit Licence No. 280595 issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Property selection will, to a large extent, be a function of the market and economic conditions and selection will include a recommendation to the Board of the Trustee from its Asset Selection, Development & Management Committee.

Key selection criteria will generally include:

  1. proximity to a capital city or a large regional area with a focus to be given on localities that can be accessed within two hours by road from that city or regional area;
  2. current or forecast population growth and demographics of the locality with  a focus on localities with a forecast population growth of at least 1.5% per annum;
  3. transportation options including public transport and arterial roads;
  4. employment opportunities with a focus on localities having an unemployment rate at or below the national average;
  5. lifestyle choice including schools, family security, transportation, shopping facilities, hospitals and recreation; and
  6. potential for both capital and revenue improvements.